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Maritime Style Sheet (with NATO phonetic alphabet)

Maritime Style Sheet
admiral (rear a.; vice a., etc.)
Admiralty, the
admiralty law
admiral of the fleet
aircraft carrier
amphora (pl. amphorae)
art deco
Atlantic ferry
battle fleet
battle line

Attitudes and Latitudes: At Sea in a World of Words

Attitudes and Latitudes: At Sea in a World of Words

Lincoln Paine

An address to the O’Gara Honor Society of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, N.Y., September 22, 2011.

Good afternoon. Many thanks for turning out for this honors class lecture. For me this week is something of a homecoming because my first boss was Frank Braynard, the founder and motive force behind this museum and its collection. I first worked for Frank as a volunteer for OpSail ’76, the tall ships parade held to celebrate the U.S. bicentennial and which thanks in large part to his generous and open spirit was watched live by six million people. I worked for him again on Harbor Festival ’79, a parade of working vessels from cruise ships and box ships to dredges and tugs.

Convincing shipping executives to divert their vessels a few miles up the Hudson for a small entertainment might seem a hopeless task. But it was Frank’s genius to convince people Continue reading Attitudes and Latitudes: At Sea in a World of Words