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A Selection of Online Short Videos

The Shoals of Herring (1972)

A documentary film based on a 1950s Radio Ballad called `Singing the Fishing’ by Ewan McColl, Peggy Seeger and Charles Parker, about the rise and decline of the herring industry on the east coast of Scotland and East Anglia. Contemporary footage of the fishermen at work is intercut with interviews and archive photos, clips from John Greirson’s Drifters, Harry Watts’ North Sea, and Campbell Harper’s Calling Herring. Traditional folk songs sre used throughout. This documentary is available in five parts at

A1 at Lloyds (1942)
The important role played by Lloyd’s of London in world shipping, using the ‘100 A1’ rated S.S. Armadillo as an example.

Cargoes (1940)
This short follows the S.S. Ionian as she delivers her cargo around the Mediterranean – her final peacetime journey. 9:06.
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